DATAREALISM: A showcase of database-driven applications by C.P.Bryan...

Nowadays you hear the refrain "there is an app for that" - and indeed there seems to be an app for everything: including when to take a drink of water and how to brush your teeth. Has information technology permeated too much of our lives? Has it broadened or narrowed the scope of discourse? For example, is the election of Donald Trump a direct result of Social Networking and the "140 character thinking" mindset promulgated by "Twitter" and other similarly reductive social networking platforms?

A Brief History of Datarealism:
DATAREALISM.COM was launched in 2007 to illustrate how database programming could be used to "realize" some solutions for creative thinking and writing. The initial prototype applications demonstrated on this site were: the "Wizzypage" W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G web page builder (with integrated web hosting), The Cut'n'Mix Postmodern Word Processor, and the ROBOCOLLAGE Automatic Collage Generator. Well into the first decade of The 21st Century, personal computing was still largely about how the computer could be a "brain amplifier" or a tool for personal empowerment. But more recently, all appearances suggest that "computation" is a small part of the social revolution taking place in our new hyper-connected, always-online social media environment. Today's revolution is all about COMMUNICATION - about how the traditional model of one-to-many ("mass media" or "broadcast") transmission of information, entertainment and infotainment is being made redundant by a more chaotic (but more inclusive) system fed by an unlimited number "content creators" who need only possess a smartphone or tablet as the prerequisite for participation... And massive industries have evolved seeking to monetize the data provided by all of this "content" (which includes personal information, buying preferences, political orientation etc...) We are only starting to come to terms with the various negative impacts that this shift towards the marketing and social-engineering applications of information technology, and it has become one of the central goals of this site to try to understand this shift.

Featured Database-driven application: The FREE SOUNDTRACK MUSIC Royalty Free Music Library:

The F.S.M. audio file database is an online application created by C.P.Bryan which provides functions for video or film producers to search, preview and download music for use in their productions. This system simplifies the process of obtaining "synchronization licensing" (more commonly known as authorization or "clearance") to use music in multimedia productions. Development began in 2008 with the initial intention of promoting a small collection of original music compositions by C.P.Bryan. Soon after, the system was expanded to provided a more generic DIY (do-it-yourself) solution for hosting an online MP3 sales e-commerce site. With an embedded relational database and features to easily interface with Paypal Merchant Services, this searchable online library was targetted towards small indie record companies or "electronic cottage" record shops. Since 2013, the focus has been on building the service. As of September 2019, the system has grown to provide a range of music search options for a library containing over 1,600 compositions by 18 different recording artists from around the world. To demo the "guest user" version of the system, go to:

New for September 2019: A new music video from founder C.P.Bryan showcases the electronic music track "Race Against Time Warp" which is available for free download for F.S.M. members. Look for it in the techno, sci-fi and electronica categories of the Free Soundtrack Music library.

For more information about the Free Soundtrack Music System, check out the "User Guide" or "Frequently Asked Questions".