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Little MP3 Shop Features

MAY 2017 NEWS: The Little MP3 Shop server system has been discontinued. Initially, the idea was to have a system which would allow independent music producers and small record labels to set up an online MP3 shop with a minimal investment of time or money. The littlemp3shop has had no new upgrades or improvements since 2010, whereas the codebase for the freesoundtrackmusic.com music licensing system has been expanded significantly. Because there are so many options for independent recording artists to sell their music online these days, the decision has been made to focus on the freesoundtrackmusic system exclusively: "Little Mp3 Shop" will no longer be available. Most of the important features from "The Shop" will still be available in the freesoundtrackmusic system:
  • Upload mp3 tracks directly to the server database, automatically creating a short preview clip.
  • Administrator OR composer/producer adds descriptive text to allow site subscribers and visitors to find a particular track using the search functions.
  • Web pages are built dynamically based on user requests (for example, a user may request "Jazzy" music sorted by release date from newest to oldest.)
  • Site visitors become subscribers either through a Paypal order by being added to the subscriber accounts database table directly by an administrative user.
  • The application tracks MP3 downloads per subscriber and notitifies them when they have exceeded their download limit or subscription period expiry.
  • Recordings can be organized alternately by categories or search words (or phrases): This allows for multiple ways of viewing tracks. For example, an indie label could set up categories by artist name / album name combinations so that site visitors could see tracks for a specific artist/album or alternately all tracks by keywords like "experimenal", "punk" or "hip-hop".
Administration Module Screen Captures
The server configuration options screen allows administrators to configure the server without having to dig into spearate text configuration files. The littleMP3 service can act as a standalone web server on port 80 or can be accessed through an Apache gateway server on a differnt port to utilize SSL etc. Also, some degree of basic load balancing can be achieved by placing preview MP3s on an entirely different server as specified by the "Clips (previews) server" setting.
Mp3 uploads are controlled by the "Add Media File" interface. Each track is assigned to a category and an extended text description entry box provides for greater user search options.

The Reports module of the Administrator's interface permits site operators to see what is going on on the server. The initial release will include subscriber, search and downloads reports.

To see the system in action, go to the production server homepage: F.S.M Royalty Free Music System.