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LittleMP3Shop Customizations and PayPal Configuration
The default LittleMP3Shop package contains content elements which should be replaced to properly identify your own business or service. It is also preconfigured to repsond to generic PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) messages which will only be sent once a Paypal account (with associated payment links) has been created. The following instructions explain how to customize the default installation so that it is associated with your own business name and responds to orders made on your own PayPal account.

  1. Logo file: This is the logo which will apppears on all of the pages which users will see. It can be easily swapped with your own logo. Simply replace it with a different graphic file with the same name. The default graphic is C:\littlemp3shop\www\logo_main.jpg. For example: you would just rename "mylogo.jpg" (or whatever it may be called) to "logo_main.jpg" and overwrite the existing default file which currently bears that name.
  2. Customized Text: Directly below the logo which appears on each page generated during a LittleMP3Shop user session, there is a segment of text content loaded from a separate file. This file c:\littlemp3shop\customtext.txt can be replaced in the same way as the default logo. You can use the customtext.txt file to include any additional instructions or identifying information. This text can be html formatted and could include graphics, links or any other content you might ordinarily place on a web page. ** The customtext.txt file is loaded only once at server startup: restart the server for changes to take effect. The quickest route to accepting payments is to create an orders page with "Buy Now" buttons.
    In the button creation wizard, you can set the price plus a field called "Item Name / Service". If you want LittleMP3Shop subscriber accounts to be created automatically once a customer places an order you must use one of the 5 recognized LittleMP3Shop "Item Name" types:

    • "6-TRACK-PACK"
    • "12-TRACK-PACK"
    • "24-TRACK-PACK"

    As suggested by the names, each item type adds a designated number of "download credits" to the new subscriber account. Every time a person submits a new order containing the same Paypal "payer_email", the new credits will be added to their existing account.
    (When creating the Paypal purchase buttons type or paste the item names exactly as they appear in the item names ablove. All letters must be uppercase.)

    The last step in setting up automatic order processing is to associate your LittleMP3Shop installation with your PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) settings:

    1. Click Profile from the "My Account" tab (which should be the first screen you get after logging in to your PayPal merchant account)
    2. Under the Selling Preferences listing, click Instant Payment Notification Settings
    3. Make sure IPN is turned on and specify the following Notification URL: http://www.myshopinstallation.com/mp3orders Where "myshopinstallation" is YOUR domain name (the name - or IP Address - of the server where you have installed LittleMP3Shop).
To see a current installation of this system, go to FREE SOUNDTRACK MUSIC