MAY 2017 News: LITTLE MP3 SHOP is no longer available

The LittleMP3Shop - Online MP3 sales application provided a DIY (do-it-yourself) solution for hosting an online MP3 sales e-commerce site. With an embedded relational database and features to easily interface with Paypal Merchant Services, this searchable online library was targetted towards small indie record companies or "electronic cottage" record shops. With the proliferation of so many options for recording artists to sell their music online: iTunes, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify etc... There seems to be little motivation for music producers or independent labels to set up their own dedicated server system. Therefore the decision has been made to discontinue development of "Little Mp3 Shop" and focus on the development of the Free Soundtrack Music Royalty Free Music Licensing Server, which shares much of the codebase and therefore has many similar features:
Features Summary:
  • Easily upload mp3 music tracks to a secure database with access restriction options
  • For each track uploaded, a short preview clip and zipped version of the track are automatically created by the software
  • Manually add subscriber users through the administrator's interface or subscriber accounts can be created automatically in response to Paypal notification messages
  • Run reports to determine which tracks have been downloaded (and by whom)
  • Create advanced music track search capabilities with user-defined music categories and search words

Screen capture showing littleMp3Shop in action.

Experience a live working demonstration of LittleMP3Shop:

Freesoundtrackmusic is a library of royalty free stock music tracks used by film students, independent filmmakers, video game producers and home movie hobyists to find background music for their productions. LittleMP3Shop was developed step-by-step and tested with thousands of live users as the engine providing the functionality for track uploading and downloading, track searching by category and keywords, plus subscription processing. A percentage of mp3 tracks from the library are always available for free use, and the system can be tested in "FREE" (visitors) mode @